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Though raised in a family with a long tradition of Catholic beliefs, Richard came to feel an emptiness through the years. He had always felt that some...View Details

Captivated by the truth of the Holy Spirit, Sam prayed with a determined heart that he would not quit asking until he received the precious gift of th...View Details

Jesus’ footwashing offers important teachings for Christian living. It is a vivid reminder for believers to walk in righteousness and love one another...View Details

Footwashing for Today

The Lord Jesus washes the feet of believers today through His church. Receiving the footwashing sacrament is receiving the Lord Jesus.

God Led Me Step by Step

Cathy used to put everything into her high-pressure job. She made her decisions independently and planned out everything she did. When her lifestyle r...View Details

Household Baptism

We all want our loved ones to receive the grace of God’s salvation, including those who may be too young to understand the concept of sins. Are infant...View Details

Is there more than one way to baptize? What does the word “baptism” actually mean?

What does water baptism have to do with our Lord Jesus Christ?

When his mother became ill in college, Jeff could not understand why this was happening. His friend recommended that he just open up a Bible and read....View Details

Even though keeping the Sabbath is a commandment, God did not intend it to be a chore or burden for us. In fact, with the right mindset and attitude, ...View Details

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