What is prayer according to the Bible? Why do people pray?

In the previous video, we focused on how to fear God based on our personal relationship with Him. In this video, we will focus on how to fear God base...View Details

Fearing God doesn't mean that we need to be afraid of Him. Rather, it is an attitude of obedience out of respect and reverence for God.

In the previous video, we discussed why we should fear God on the basis of His nature. In this video we will discuss why we should fear God based on w...View Details

Why is it important for Christians today to be God-fearing? After all, God is full of love and grace, so why is fearing God still relevant to us today...View Details

What is the Fear of God? The concept of fearing God may be confusing. Why would God want us to feel this way towards Him? This video, part of the Chri...View Details

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386. I've Found a Friend 389. Nearer, Still Nearer 407. In the Garden

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